Health Professionals

Health Professionals can help to encourage all kids to participate in footy.

How to use Health Professionals Resources

There are many benefits kids can gain from being involved in sport. These include learning important life skills, gaining the health benefits from regular exercise and connecting with others. Health Professionals play a key role in encouraging families and kids with disabilities to get active and enjoy the many benefits  Australian Rules football has to offer. It’s time to start ‘prescribing’ physical activity and sports for kids with disabilities and developmental challenges. These resources are here to help you do so.

About Me Medical Summary

The AllPlay About Me Medical Summary can be jointly completed by parents and doctors and provided to footy coaches. This will allow them to understand any adaptations that might be needed to create a safe environment for kids when they play footy.

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Parent Handout

Our parent handout busts some of the myths around sport and kids with disabilities. Health professionals can provide this handout to families to help overcome some of the barriers that prevent kids with disabilities from participating in sport.

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Health Professionals can also place posters in their clinics and hospitals to bring awareness to the importance of sport for all kids.

Download AllPlay Footy Health Professional Poster 1:

Download AllPlay Footy Health Professional Poster 2:

Download AllPlay Footy Health Professional Poster 3:

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