Parents can help to encourage all kids to participate in footy with the help of these resources.

How to use the Parents Resources

Find out about what parents can do to include kids of all abilities in the sporting community. Here you’ll find some tips for all parents, regardless of whether their child has a developmental challenge or disability, to include everyone in NAB AFL Auskick.

Busting myths about sport and kids with disabilities

Our parent handout busts some of the myths around sport and kids with disabilities. Health professionals can provide this handout to families to help overcome some of the barriers that prevent kids with disabilities from participating in sport.

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AllPlay About Me Medical Summary

The AllPlay About Me Medical Summary can be jointly completed by parents and doctors and provided to footy coaches. This will allow the coach to understand how to best support your child and any adaptations that might be needed to create a safe environment for all kids when playing footy.

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FAQs for all parents

We’ve put together some information that all parents need to know, regardless of whether their child has a disability or developmental challenge.

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