A young person’s perspective

A young person’s perspective

Video Transcript:

I was having anxiety because I’m on an oval. It’s a big open space. I don’t like big open spaces.

Is there a possibility that someone’s going to throw a ball at my face? Yes? Get out of there!

I like to call it ‘heat treatment’, which is basically the idea of you go in and do something that you don’t want to do and then you’re better at coping with it the next time. Basically, the idea of practice makes perfect. But…anxiety…one moment…then going back to the same place where you had ‘5’ anxiety. Now you have ‘3’ anxiety because you were there before. And because you’ve been there before, you’re a little more accustomed to what the place is like and so you’re okay with it.

It’s a nice little bit of consideration for the people that don’t really have the confidence or knowledge or willingness to go and do something.

Learn a little bit about the person that you’re talking with and see what you can do to kind of accommodate the sport to that.

Well, for me at least, you just have to know that I have lots of anxiety about different types of things and what to look out for…what to do…what not to do…and how to kind of word things in a way that I can understand it better. Because the majority of the time, they’ll explain it and everyone else gets it. You know, I’m just like ‘huh?’…

Know the person. Know what they cope with…know what they don’t cope with…and then change everything around until they can cope with the things that are in the game.