Top tips for attention concerns

Top tips for attention concerns

Video Transcript:

Here are some simple tips for coaches to ensure that children who have challenges with paying attention can play NAB AFL Auskick.

Shorten activities. Some children might not be able to focus for a long period of time.

Give instructions only when you have the child’s attention. Keep the instructions short. Give them little steps so they can absorb it.

Minimise background noise and other distractions when communicating.

Keep good eye contact with the child and ask them to repeat what you’ve just told them – just to make sure that they’ve understood.

Allow children to have breaks or change the activities more frequently just to keep them interested.

Provide individual help where possible. Get parents or buddies involved to help children with activities and understand what to do.

Remember, every child has the right to be involved in sport, especially Australian Rules Football. Including children with disabilities is not hard; it just requires some understanding.