Top tips the basics

Top tips the basics

Video Transcript:

Coaches have the unique opportunity to engage children of all abilities in NAB AFL Auskick. A good coach is an inclusive coach. Here are some basic tips to ensure everyone can play.

Attitude matters. Coach’s personal attitudes will have a real impact on a child with a disability and all the children in a group. Consider things from the child’s point of view and always be understanding.

Small modifications can make a big difference. If you’re not sure how to modify an activity for a child with a disability, ask them or their parents for ideas. This will help you better understand their abilities, skills and motivations, and be able to challenge and inspire them to learn and improve.

There are different ways to join in. Create different roles so that everyone can be involved. Some kids may prefer to be an umpire, the coach’s assistant, scorer or announcer rather than play.

Provide activities where children can succeed. This will help them gain confidence and boost their self-esteem.

Remember, every child has the right to be involved in sport, especially a sport like Australian Football. Including children with disabilities is not hard; it just requires understanding.