Tips for girls of all abilities

Tips for girls of all abilities

Video Transcript:

Australian football is a great way for girls of all abilities to make friends, keep active and learn new skills. The NAB AFL Auskick program is for both boys and girls. There is no tackling, modified rules and an inclusive atmosphere. Sport may provide many important benefits for girls like improving physical health, teamwork opportunities, and leadership experience. It can help enhance social networks, and increase independence and self-confidence.

Here are some extra tips to include girls of all abilities.

Give lots of encouragement! Girls with disabilities may need to first be encouraged by their families and friends and teachers and coaches to play sport, but once they start and enjoy the benefits of playing sport they are likely to become self-motivated to play.

There are many great female athletes who have disabilities. Think of a girl with a disability as an athlete and like any other child participating in AFL Auskick.

Don’t move to alternative roles, like score keepers, too soon. Make adaptations to allow girls with disabilities to really participate – all children should be encouraged to participate in all activities.

NAB AFL Auskick is a great way to engage girls with a developmental challenge or disability in sport. The AllPlay website has numerous tips to make the AFL Auskick experience more inclusive and these apply equally both to boys and girls.