Top tips for communication

Top tips for communication

Video Transcript:

Here are some simple tips for coaches to ensure that children who have challenges with communication can play NAB AFL Auskick.

Simplify what you say. Use simple words and short sentences.

Repeat instructions if needed.

Check the child has understood what you have said.

Reduce background noise when giving verbal instructions so all kids can hear you.

Speak slowly.

Use gestures, facial expressions and body language that match what you’re saying.

Don’t just talk. Use visual instructions with pictures or drawings showing how to do a skill or activity. Consider a flip chart showing picture instructions when teaching. Or show how it is done using actual objects.

Some kids might need extra time to express themselves. Be patient and give them the time they need.

Remember, every child has the right to be involved in sport, especially a sport like Australian Football. Including children with disabilities is not hard; it just requires understanding.