Top tips for motor concerns

Top tips for motor concerns

Video Transcript:

Here are some simple tips for coaches to ensure that children who have motor skill problems can play NAB AFL Auskick.

Change the rules so everyone can play. If a child can’t kick a drop punt, allow them to kick the ball off the ground, or kick the ball off a stand. If a child has problems with kicking or handballing, let them carry the ball between the two points.

Modify equipment so everyone can play. Consider using a different ball. Use a soccer ball, tennis ball, volleyball, beach ball, balloon…whatever. Just as long as the kids can kick it.

Modify activities so everyone can play. Change the size of the target. Change the distance the child is from the target to give them all a chance to hit it.

Allow more time to learn skills. Some children might not be able to kick, catch or handball. Give them time…give them time to learn.

Remember, every child has the right to be involved in sport, especially a sport like Australian Rules Football. It’s not hard to include children with disabilities. It just takes patience and understanding.